Investment Management

Your business environment is constantly evolving. Are you prepared?

EPG works with you to implement investment recommendations designed to enhance overall returns.

How we present, then implement our recommendations:

1. Pre-Purchase Rationale

A pre-purchase rationale outlining the suitability of an investment recommendation to your specific risk profile and portfolio objectives is submitted for your approval. Pre-purchase documentation also consists of relevant security information, which may include security descriptions, earnings estimates, yield analysis and other pertinent data.

2. Idea Implementation

Upon approval, EPG analyzes the market for the most appropriate time to implement an investment recommendation. Utilizing a list of approved brokers, EPG begins a competitive bidding process that ensures best execution price.

3. Trade Execution and Settlement

EPG executes the investment recommendation and forwards all relevant information to you and your custodian. EPG then works with you, your custodian and the broker to facilitate successful security delivery and settlement.

4. Ongoing Management

Our investment process does not end with settlement. On an ongoing basis, EPG manages your investment to ensure:

  • The security still meets the original objectives
  • The security represents the best
  • deployment of funds
  • The security still ‘serves its purpose’ as it relates to the entire portfolio
  • The security complies with policies and fits within your risk profile

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