Fixed Income Investing

Your business environment is constantly evolving. Are you prepared?

EPG works with you to implement high-performance fixed-income investment recommendations designed to enhance overall returns.

Our process begins with:

1. Fundamental Analysis

We employ fundamental analysis to determine our economic and inflation outlook.

2. Interest Rate Forecast

The level of interest rates, the shape of the yield curve, and targeted sector spreads are evaluated and forecasted on an ongoing basis.

3. Policy Compliance

Prior to recommending a strategy, we assess each security to determine its appropriateness given your institutions investment objectives and policy parameters.

4. ALM Issues

We consider the interest rate and credit risk embedded in your overall balance sheet with each purchase or sale recommendation we make.

5. Security Selection

Our goal is to select securities that optimize net interest income and total return opportunity, consistent with your liquidity, interest rate risk and credit tolerance.

Your portfolio is constructed from our selected securities consistent with your client profile.


Liquidity Holdings

Highest-rated, shortest-dated fixed income securities that provide near-term liquidity.


Total Return Holdings

Highest quality fixed income securities that have the potential for gains realization prior to maturity.


Foundation Holdings

High quality securities characterized by incremental yield for maturity, credit, or option risk with the likelihood of being held to maturity.

EPG actively manages the investment process by employing a buy/sell discipline based on:

Target Price

For fixed income securities, a target spread and/or price is created to benchmark what we believe to be full valuation.

Security Outlook

We actively monitor and assess changes in interest rates and credit ratings to capture potential changes that may impact security performance.

Client Objectives

We recommend buy or sell actions that integrate investment management practices with client objectives.

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