Equity Investing

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Our active Equity Investing process consists of comprehensive selection criteria and ongoing security evaluation.

Our buy discipline begins with:

Fundamental Analysis

We employ fundamental analysis in determining appropriate equity holdings.

Security Price Forecast

Once selected as a suitable buy candidate, we determine a holding period for each security and develop a price target for ongoing management.

Policy Compliance

Prior to making a recommendation, we assess each security to determine its appropriateness given your institution’s risk profile and investment policy parameters.

Your portfolio is constructed from selected securities consistent with your client profile and is structured to consist of:


Short-Term Holdings

Quality, growth-oriented issues positioned for short-term gains realization.


Mid-Tier Holdings

High quality Mid-Cap names that represent less mature, more growth-oriented companies included for their appreciation and total return potential.


Foundation Stocks

Large-Cap names characterized by strong core earnings, strong balance sheets, attractive dividend yields, solid management, dominant market share and proven track records.

EPG actively manages the investment process by employing a buy/sell discipline based on:

Target Price

For equity securities, a target price is created to benchmark what we believe to be full valuation.

Security Outlook

We actively monitor and assess industry outlook to capture potential changes that may impact performance.

Client Objectives

We may recommend a buy or sell in order to fulfill client objectives.

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