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Our team of advisors works together seamlessly to provide the reporting and guidance your institution needs to navigate any financial climate. Our varied professional backgrounds and combined industry experience provides you with specialized knowledge and practical advice that is both extensive and unbiased.


David L. Thomas



Jonathan Rankin

Executive Vice President, Director of ALM Services


Amy Feldman



Daniel Dube

Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer

Scott Miller

Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Kathleen Thomas

Chief Operating Officer


Jason Beshansky

Assistant Vice President, Senior Bank Strategist

Nick Papageorge

Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Manager Associate

Alexander Piselli

Alexander Piselli

Senior Asset Liability Management Analyst

Benjamin Kelly

Asset Liability Management Analyst

Chris Desjardins

Senior Bank Analyst/Asset Liability Strategist

Beth Farrell

Senior Equity/Financial Analyst

Dr. Eiki Satake

Senior Vice President Financial/Quantitative Analyst

Joseph Kornman

Asset Liability Management Analyst

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Understanding the challenges facing community-based financial institutions, we provide expert guidance needed to navigate any financial climate.