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An Asset Liability and Investment Advisory Partner to Community-Based Financial Institutions. For over 20 years, the experts at EPG, Inc. have been serving institutions of the community banking industry by providing comprehensive Asset Liability Management services integrated with client-centered investment advisory expertise. As an SEC registered investment advisor, EPG has a long tradition of delivering actionable balance sheet strategies which incorporate all elements of the balance sheet, from loan mix and pricing to appropriate and relevant investment recommendations. Initially formed as a provider of investment advice to a consortium of community banks, EPG grew to incorporate a platform of Asset/Liability modeling and interpretation/presentation services as the complexity of balance sheet management and regulatory oversight grew. With a team of seasoned experts in the fields of fixed income and equity management as well as asset/liability modeling and strategy development, EPG brings to its select client base a full complement of support to manage today’s balance sheet for today’s risk/return objectives while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges.

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