Core Principles

We at EPG believe that our advice to you must be built upon a clear understanding of the strategic issues your institution faces, the business model that frames your deliverables, and the relationship between the two.

Integration — we at EPG, Inc. bring all our talents together by working with each client in a true team approach. Whether it is developing asset liability strategies to drive profitability while maintaining an appropriate interest rate risk profile, or supporting the client on meeting all regulatory mandates around an ALM best practices application, our team of experts work with each client’s senior management group to ensure that all the elements of the financial institution’s business plan, corporate personality, and performance measurement are continuously understood and met. Integrating the disciplines of asset liability management with investment portfolio management ensures that the balance sheet is managed in a holistic way to potentially maximize profitability while respecting the unique attributes of each client.

Applied Knowledge – experience and knowledge combined allow EPG to craft and deliver actionable ideas to its clients every day. By working with a select group of community-based financial institutions over many, many years, the staff of EPG has the benefit of seeing and understanding the complexities of balance sheet management over a long period of time and through many different and challenging environments.

Client Centered — we measure our success by the success of our clients, as defined by our clients. Every aspect of the EPG service model is built upon the platform of not just knowing the client, but understanding the client. This means knowing the proper risk return profile for the financial institution, the company personality that drives this profile, and the performance metrics which the client and its stakeholders measure its success by.